Saturday, 18 October 2008

freedom of speech

during a recent creative writing class I was told that my work was not to be read out, it was bordering on pornography (and brought my tutor out in a rash, apparently) after much consideration I decided this was unfair, because surely you have the right to freedom of speech?or so I once thought.

luckily for me though, there is a great anti pop culture magazine called Polluto which you can view at this has stories of all genres and hopefully if I submit some work soon I can get it published. 
maybe then readers could get a rash in a good way.

Friday, 27 June 2008

kid sister!

I'm currently checking out kid sister, shes from Chicago and is the princess of the Chi-town hip hop scene.
My favourite song is Pro-Nails and is graced with the distinctive voice of Mr West.

check  to listen to more.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Missing In Action

Check out Ripple magazine (kingston university press) for my poem and poems by CD Wright and Todd Swift

Glasses suck my eyes like the
Nike ticks over my soles practicality
Of Harry shagging Sally. We are all friends here
We can go down town with each other
At the same time.
Wearing Macs to save from the rain
I ate my Apple and disgarded
left overs wanting ice cream instead.
Sucks the aim is to win hockey
And encounter Hotmail.
Sloth no more I will be a ho' to 
You your whore, not M.I.A
more like Cynthia "cindini" Morrison
Pushing her way out of a sticky mess
Call me on 0777 45 45 0 69