Saturday, 14 February 2009


oh gosh it has been so long since I posted last that I repeated myself!!!! The shame!!! Sorry!!

I am currently reading a story a day (well a story every toilet time) from the book 'The most beautiful woman in town' by Charles Bukowski. I literally cant think of anything else other than how incredible his imagination is, for a good couple of hours after finishing the last paragraph.

I recently did my first reading of poetry, I have been meaning to do it for a long time, actually since my nose job in January of last year, but I have been extremely lazy or just lacking confidence in my work.

Words and sounds was hosted by Ashley Morgan, a true Welshy and went really well with a good number of people turning out. It seems quite obvious that more and more people are appreciating poetry as an art form and not as just lines of shit metaphors and useless adjectives. whoop whoop!!!

The following is one of my more recent poems; for someone on Valentines day perhaps?

I was dancing on smokey puffs of condensation
His lips touched mine
And my toes pinched the air 
My hair scattered the cushions
And for the first time in years
My Cunt smiled           

Rose Bailey ©

I am so laterzzzz

I haven't posted a blog in a long time, heres a run down of what i have been upto;

Christmas of course. I am officially the scrooge of christmas past, present and possibly the future. I really hate this materialistic bullshit. I am agnostic but still believe that if you want to celebrate Jesus' birthday, do it properly! Church and giving small gifts without the intention of receiving.
But this is clearly the time to gorge on tasty treats and get fat!!! Hopefully the recession will sort this problem out.

Writing some kind of poetry, well not too much, I had far too many deadlines and too much hatred from one of my lecturers 
"DON'T talk about your SEX-LIFE in your POETRY" true quote.

Surely we should have freedom of speech, but apparently not when it comes to my university course.

I had one exam on language and gender. Women have been seriously suppressed over the years through the use of language, not only used by men but women too. this particular subject i feel very strongly about, but then there is the argument too, that if everyone was to be PC the world would be boring and the English language less vibrant.......

The photo above shows the cardi I wore to the exam, it didn't help though.....