Monday, 16 March 2009

23 oh no no no!!!

i'm being a big baby because i dont want to get any older!! but had a quality weekend bumming around the sights and sounds of Lundan Tahhhnn! on saturday i met my mum and sister and two scampy nephews Callum and Archie. they were both very excitable and were literally running up the buildings in a 'singing in the rain' stylee.

we went for a walk along the river and headed to the london borough market, to drink apple and cinnamon juice. we then looked at the globe theatre and headed to St Pauls, by this point i could barely walk, my hips had seized and my feet hurt hard!!

on sunday me and two friends roamed around bricklane after a very long bus journey, the weather was sunny and we were stuck on top of a double decker, we were a little annoyed, but my 23rd was spent with quality mates and good banter. brought myself a vintage jumper and skirt and then a cutesy flowery scarf, i'll put photos up later. and it all cost £22.50, very happy with my birthday money purchases!!

maybe 23 isn't too bad??!!!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

abandoned poems

i've got a habit of abandoning poems. i'll write it, then can't think of ways to improve it, so just leave it cast aside like some smelly toeless sock. The following poem is going to be one of these problems. does it need anything more?


Hi Rosie. my dad has just died
Can you do this weeks cleaning for me?
And eat the cake left in the fridge. thnx

Friday, 6 March 2009

making the film! lol!

I headed to Ealing college last Thursday and got excited pretending I was going to real TV studios. to be fair the college was beautiful and really clean, and the studios did look very professional. i was second up behind a very talented guy called Ben, he clearly had performed a number of times before and i had the very tricky job of following him. my first attempt at reading my poem of by heart went quite poorly, i soon stumbled over the next stanza but the second attempt went a lot better until the directors phone went off! the third time had another interuption and it wasn't until the 4th take that we got a clear cut. 
I had also eaten a flapjack and soon became paranoid when they started doing close-ups; i was positive i had bits in between my teeth so then cocked up my poem by ad-libing but luckily it went by unnoticed. 
we have to go back for a second filming but i have yet to discover what this will entail.
the only thing negative i will say about filming is that you get very hot and shiny under the lighting!!!!

Jeremy Kyle at the Albany!?????

Apples and Snakes at the Albany was a quality night, i went with a fellow poet Sammi Joy and sat knocking back a rather bitter white wine as i awaited my turn to the mic. Sammi stepped up with courage having already been a couple of times before, she did have the smell of whiskey and water following her but she was confident and delivered well.
the second part came and i nervously downed another glass, by this time i was lucky that i could still see the poem on the page.
i read my most favourite poem about Jeremy Kyle (not directly about him), why do we all aspire to be so similar to the characters on his grotty, self-righteous programme?

i received a warm reception and then was asked to be filmed for one of the fellow poets media film. was extremely exciting considering that it was the first time i had properly performed.