Friday, 6 March 2009

making the film! lol!

I headed to Ealing college last Thursday and got excited pretending I was going to real TV studios. to be fair the college was beautiful and really clean, and the studios did look very professional. i was second up behind a very talented guy called Ben, he clearly had performed a number of times before and i had the very tricky job of following him. my first attempt at reading my poem of by heart went quite poorly, i soon stumbled over the next stanza but the second attempt went a lot better until the directors phone went off! the third time had another interuption and it wasn't until the 4th take that we got a clear cut. 
I had also eaten a flapjack and soon became paranoid when they started doing close-ups; i was positive i had bits in between my teeth so then cocked up my poem by ad-libing but luckily it went by unnoticed. 
we have to go back for a second filming but i have yet to discover what this will entail.
the only thing negative i will say about filming is that you get very hot and shiny under the lighting!!!!

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