Friday, 29 May 2009

Simon and BGT

although I have said I cannot stand this programme I seem to know everything about each act. and I can safely say that I do not like Amanda 'married to les dennis and thats why she is famous' Holden. how can she love every act, even when they are the worst on the show? its incredibly annoying!!!!! arrgggghhhhhh!!! but i do love Aidan, he can dance so well especially for his age, probably better than 'into the hoods' Sampson.
I have to red facedly admit, that I do infact have a severe crush on.... you guessed it Simon Cowell.

why wasn't there any poets on the show? thats the plan next year, I'm going on, to recite some poems that the Queen would love, probably including topics on Nazi costumes and 'the day a lady Died'.