Saturday, 22 August 2009


I am currently a benefit bummer, its a drain to be sigining on with the millions of other unemployed but at least its a bit of pocket money......So......I have started a new blog (duirng my plenty of spare time) specifically for my poetry and flash fiction, it is;

I have also just moved into East London, which is a bit too special; fresh fruit and veg, prayers to Allah and Indian sweets plus an Iceland what more can one ask for??????

Thursday, 13 August 2009

New blog site..

I have been exceptionally lazy over the past few months because, I am lazy and also that I am currently spending all my time looking for a job. No-one wants me!!!!

I have also made a new blog which will solely be dedicated to poetry and prose, no photos of shrek or my new shorts!!!

You can see the new blog at it is still a work in progress though! please forgive the about me section, I'm working on it.

x x

Friday, 29 May 2009

Simon and BGT

although I have said I cannot stand this programme I seem to know everything about each act. and I can safely say that I do not like Amanda 'married to les dennis and thats why she is famous' Holden. how can she love every act, even when they are the worst on the show? its incredibly annoying!!!!! arrgggghhhhhh!!! but i do love Aidan, he can dance so well especially for his age, probably better than 'into the hoods' Sampson.
I have to red facedly admit, that I do infact have a severe crush on.... you guessed it Simon Cowell.

why wasn't there any poets on the show? thats the plan next year, I'm going on, to recite some poems that the Queen would love, probably including topics on Nazi costumes and 'the day a lady Died'.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

My new shorts went for a spin today out in the sun, very happy with my 15 squid bargin, teamed with a belt stolen from my mummy, and a primark boob tube!!

Friday, 24 April 2009

controversy or not???

I'm really excited to have been accepted into the line up for Canbury arts festival, its a thames community run organisation and it has just recently been started. i just read that i will be performing in the vicarage garden, little bit concerned as to what poems are acceptable with such an audience....

child soldiers

The Invisible Children charity are making people aware of the struggles that young children in Uganda face each and everyday. The Rescue of Joseph Kony's child soldiers started when 3 students went to Uganda on a film making expedition, not knowing that they were going to discover some horrific and tragic truths involving children, guns and mass murdering, to take a further look go to 

I got the chance to perform a poem alongside my friend Sammi.  The responses we received were really good and the atmosphere was relaxed with one of the members from the charity, singing along with his band. making this night very enjoyable and highlighting such an important and relatively un-recognised charity.

Monday, 16 March 2009

23 oh no no no!!!

i'm being a big baby because i dont want to get any older!! but had a quality weekend bumming around the sights and sounds of Lundan Tahhhnn! on saturday i met my mum and sister and two scampy nephews Callum and Archie. they were both very excitable and were literally running up the buildings in a 'singing in the rain' stylee.

we went for a walk along the river and headed to the london borough market, to drink apple and cinnamon juice. we then looked at the globe theatre and headed to St Pauls, by this point i could barely walk, my hips had seized and my feet hurt hard!!

on sunday me and two friends roamed around bricklane after a very long bus journey, the weather was sunny and we were stuck on top of a double decker, we were a little annoyed, but my 23rd was spent with quality mates and good banter. brought myself a vintage jumper and skirt and then a cutesy flowery scarf, i'll put photos up later. and it all cost £22.50, very happy with my birthday money purchases!!

maybe 23 isn't too bad??!!!