Monday, 16 March 2009

23 oh no no no!!!

i'm being a big baby because i dont want to get any older!! but had a quality weekend bumming around the sights and sounds of Lundan Tahhhnn! on saturday i met my mum and sister and two scampy nephews Callum and Archie. they were both very excitable and were literally running up the buildings in a 'singing in the rain' stylee.

we went for a walk along the river and headed to the london borough market, to drink apple and cinnamon juice. we then looked at the globe theatre and headed to St Pauls, by this point i could barely walk, my hips had seized and my feet hurt hard!!

on sunday me and two friends roamed around bricklane after a very long bus journey, the weather was sunny and we were stuck on top of a double decker, we were a little annoyed, but my 23rd was spent with quality mates and good banter. brought myself a vintage jumper and skirt and then a cutesy flowery scarf, i'll put photos up later. and it all cost £22.50, very happy with my birthday money purchases!!

maybe 23 isn't too bad??!!!

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