Friday, 6 March 2009

Jeremy Kyle at the Albany!?????

Apples and Snakes at the Albany was a quality night, i went with a fellow poet Sammi Joy and sat knocking back a rather bitter white wine as i awaited my turn to the mic. Sammi stepped up with courage having already been a couple of times before, she did have the smell of whiskey and water following her but she was confident and delivered well.
the second part came and i nervously downed another glass, by this time i was lucky that i could still see the poem on the page.
i read my most favourite poem about Jeremy Kyle (not directly about him), why do we all aspire to be so similar to the characters on his grotty, self-righteous programme?

i received a warm reception and then was asked to be filmed for one of the fellow poets media film. was extremely exciting considering that it was the first time i had properly performed.

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